"It's so beautiful in the land of nicole"

About the Poet:

“You can’t make something out of nothing.

Nicole is talented.

It’s that simple. Thank you for letting me travel into

your daydreams, Nicole, this has been a dream for me too.

Love, Jaimie.”

                                                    - J. L. Gipson

Nicole Campbell of Selah, WA, is a devoted animal lover and conservation advocate.


Outside of work and school, she has logged hundreds of hours of community service. Maladaptive Daydreamer, is her first published work, but it’s so fantastic, it’s sure not to be her last.


Nicole’s talent doesn’t stop at poetry; she is also an awarded Special Olympian. Some of those include fourth place ribbon in basketball, bronze soccer at state, silver at regional, bronze in softball regional, and a silver bowling regional.

Proceeds from this book, at her request, are going to help fund her continued involvement in the Special Olympic Games.