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Wounded Animals


      "Oddly enough, it wasn’t images of my life that flashed before my eyes; all that greeted me in my time of near-death was the memory of a homework assignment given by my sophomore biology teacher, Mr. Barnes. The thought of his voice fogged my consciousness as shiny shards of windshield flew into the back seat. My head fell to my knees, I couldn’t remember why I was in the car, or where we had been headed. All I could hear was his voice.

        “A deer’s pupils are elliptical, like a cat, or a fox, this makes their vision adept at dawn or dusk, but ill-suited to sudden flashes of light.”

        Mr. Barnes’ lecture drowned my thoughts, even as Corrina let out her final horrified scream. He had been right. The doe, standing in the middle of the Northbound lane was blind to our headlights. Disregarding the car as we drove past her, ramming into the rusty guardrail, and falling into the ravine.

        She didn’t even blink.


(Wounded Animals - Excerpt Taken 10-18-17)

A Chance For Empathy

In a world riddled with famine and greed, a privileged young man unearths the truth behind his father’s death, and discovers the fabric of our universe.


Outside the scope of our imagination lives a council of arbitrary creatures, all of whom are physical manifestations of intangible human concepts.


Shoved into the new position of Empathy, Chance Cleary must climb the political landscape and secure his spot on the council to save humanity before Greed can consume us all.


But as it just so happens, Empathy’s seat is next to Death's.

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Side Effect


"Each and every choice in our life has consequences. All our life decisions made with split-second thought and with the best of intentions often have inconceivable side effects. These dreams, this world is just one of those many side effects. But if we knew we were dying, we’d have nothing left to lose and the freedom to feel numb is a thought I lose sleep over, often.


This is killing you.


Naivety tells me that if I keep my feet on the bed the monster with damaged eyes and a hunger for innocence won’t jump out and pull me down into the deep. His breath won’t caress mine, and I won’t be but another person he’s taken. My hope is that if I knew this was my last day, I’d stick my hand under the bed and grab the monster by the throat before he could catch me first.


But, today isn’t my last day."


Excerpt posted 2/20/19