Dimensions: 5" X 8"
Book One Of The Effect Trilogy: Nocebo Effect - Signed

"Sleep. Just, Don't Dream.

The truth a young man from Portland, Oregon, discovers while dreaming is about to shatter the rules of our reality.


Ethan Somers’ nightmares can kill him. His once mundane life turns dangerous, spiraling out of control; wrapped within a web of lies and deceit. Ethan must face the dream-walker’s Nocebo Effect and subject himself to the nightmares to save a child lost within them. Inside the darkness, a creature awaits, snapping at the chance to kill. Manifestations responsible for mankind’s atrocities exist behind an ever-thinning veil. To save the child he holds dear, Ethan confronts the dream manifestation responsible for SIDS."

Signed Paperback - Nocebo Effect



Portland, Oregon

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